Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have been having a leisurely day her in beautiful Savannah. I ate some red beans and rice while watching the shipping boats come down the river. Took a beer to go from the restaurant...can't do that most places...and then settled into my haunted inn for the night.
This morning I learned I missed an earthquake back in Texas. Also very very unusual.
Couldn't handle waiting the two hours for Mrs. Wilkes lunch, so I opted for an awesome sandwich at zunzi's. South African yummy. Then stopped into the Lucas theater. An amazingly beautiful venue. With mars up in lights!
While there I judged a high school art competition in conjunction with the screening. They were all good, and Congrats to the winners.
Now I am going to check out a graveyard and a fort and a beach.
I am also going to try to fight off this cold. This tour is a tough schedule...tougher than me it turns out.
Fingers crossed for a great screening tonight.