Monday, October 10, 2011

Future west 26 - Geoff Marslett for "Mars"

Okay, I am still not convinced anyone is reading this blog of mine...but ill keep posting just in case.
After a successful dining experience in Athens ga I drove up to ashville to stay with and visit my friends Jeff and alphie...and my new friend sawyer...
Let me mention that the south isn't always what you would expect. In Athens I ate a seitan bahn mi and overheard my server and a patron talking about playing magic...and a magic lite called the ascention...which I think I am spelling wrong...but basically, it is not the south everyone expects. Well long story short, the sandwich was awesome and my waiter was applying to film school. I had a great talk with him and the world was again proven tiny afterall.
Then I drove to ashville. I ate farm fresh meals and hiked a beautiful mountain overlook with the leaves changing. Another cool town.
So next I drove across the mountains to Johnson city...where the screening is happening right now! (See picture below) . The folks have continued to trickle in and I think this is the biggest turnout yet on this mars tour.
Let's hope they like it.
I also got to meet up with old friends shara and dan. And they are trying to convince me to move here.
But enough of this prelude...the most important part of today was driving, directly on...the future. And I hate to say it but the future is west...and 26...and goes right past mars hill. So it all seemed appropriate today.