Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to the future part 2

Ok, I am calling this back to the future part 2 because yesterday over lunch in ashville I wrote ... at the risk of sounding less than best blog post yet. It was also the longest. But the Carolina mountains have a special way of disabling my smart phone...and that post has been labelled "publishing" for about 36 hours. So, this is part 2. Like most sequels it will not be as good as the original.
The screening at Johnson city was our best yet. Not only did I get to visit with old friends from Texas, but we had a nice full room with 109 folks watching the film. It was followed by a great reception AND a late night visit to the cook out...where 4.39 buys 2 quesadillas, with a side of corn dog and hush puppies, and a cheerwine float. Yeah!!
But back to the movie. Shara and the rest of the faculty really got the students out. We started with an informal pizza dinner chatting about filmmaking...had a long q & a following the film, and then I spoke to two separate classes about how we made mars. It was really a great feeling to see how interested the students were in it!
I also got to have a pleasantly southern day. I got some photos with the neighbors awesome Halloween decorations and then set out in the go BACK TO THE FUTURE! Future 26 that is...east future 26 this time.
On the way I passed the brilliant colors of the leaves changing in the mountains, mars hill road (made me feel right at home), and the inmates doing road work under the watchful eyes of armed guards. I ate a burger with a side of dill and ginger coleslaw in ashville, and I browsed through the most impressive collection of 1970s belt buckles I have ever seen. I overheard the girls eating next to me talk about moving to Austin. I felt right at home.
Then I moved on toward culowheeeeeee. I drove along the smokey mountain expressway, and they looked smokey. And let me say that there is no finer place to get a flat tire than the smokey mountains! After a little setback, I rolled past the huddle house and on into town just barely in time to speak to another class. Lori took me for organic goat tacos and dinosaur themed restaurant and then we screened to another nice crowd of maybe 60 enthusiastic college folks.
Then all that was left was to spend the night in a cool 4 bedroom haunted mansion with 6 beds, 7 couches, 2 bathrooms, a chandelier, and just me. So I watched Thor.
Then a quick stop at the mad batter and back on the road. I ate my Veggie burger with Bacon and drove along the river. On the way to clemson I hiked a beautiful waterfall trail with lots of sparkles. Then I hiked another trail...which I thought was .8 miles but ended up actually being 2.7 miles each way. I crossed 7 creeks, 3 bridges, moved 2 downed trees, saw a turkey, an army of squirrels, and a cool snail, and did 1000 feet of elevation change.
And I still managed to drink a 44 ounce cheerwine and roll into clemson in time for tacos with some of Amy's students. Now they are watching mars on Blu ray. Yay!
Ok, here are a bunch of pictures!