Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"Southern Stories" - Charleston and Memphis

Paul and I are on the road, headed to Jackson, MS, for the fourth stop on our tour. Our text reflections on the first three stops on our tour (Johnson City, Charleston, and Memphis) can be found in this post on our Self-Reliant Film blog. We'll be adding more posts to the Self-Reliant site and regular updates to our Facebook page as we continue our criss-cross path through the Southeast.

We've been overwhelmed by the responses of audiences to our work in this first three stops and have enjoyed the hospitality of our great venue hosts--including Anita, Rebecca, Lizz, Mark & Erik--and also that of old friends we've reconnected with along the way. We hope these photos can convey a little bit of that experience:

Charleston Guest House

Sweet Treats In Charleston

Charleston Fire Station

Vegetables Menu, Hominy Grill.

BBQ in Charleston

Living Room, Graceland.