Monday, March 14, 2011

"Southern Stories" - The Carolinas

Western Carolina University Screening.

Over the past six days, Paul and I have been driving through the Carolinas, exploring some of the many Souths we blogged about last week. Our posts continue on the Self-Reliant Film blog, including a photo essay from Graceland and a short documentary video made at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum in Charleston, SC. Look for another photo essay later this week!

These travels allowed us to meet with enthusiastic film studies students before a screening at McKissick Theatre at Clemson University and also to have a pre-screening discussion with film production students at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee before a public event in their student center auditorium. Many thanks to our lovely hosts Jim, Aga, and Lori, who warmly received us for these screenings!

One of the many highlights of our trip so far took place on Friday night at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University in Durham, NC. Despite the fact that we were competing with a Duke basketball game, the auditorium was completely packed. When the extra chairs ran out, folks seated themselves on the floor! The Q&A that followed was energetic, humorous, and poignant. We are grateful for such thoughtful and perceptive audiences.

The screening also benefited from the excellent projectionist, Mark, the lovely introduction given by our host, April, and the wine and cheese pre-screening reception so carefully organized by Lauren!

Tonight: the Capri Theatre in Montgomery!

Screening Venue in Montgomery, AL