Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do No Harm at Carson Newman College, Jefferson City, TN

I was having trouble posting photos earlier, so I split this up into two posts. Susanne and I went exploring Jefferson City and Morristown. Kim Stapleton, who runs The Minnis House B&B, where we stayed, was so generous in giving us her advice and suggestions. The Minnis House is a beautiful old home that the Stapletons have completely restored. It's got their history and its own mixed together and was a great way to feel like we were at home. Kim pointed us to a well right across the highway from the house where Mr. Houston, who has since passed away, once cured his kidney disease by only drinking this water. Since then, people come from all over the area to fill up their water jugs because of it's healing power. Some people say they've never had cavities, or been seriously ill.

Then, we headed over to Panther Creek Park for a hike around Cherokee Lake, a huge lake just 15 minutes away. That was spectacular. For two old friends this was a magical day - we got to spend some time outside together (we never get to do that - we're usually in the editing room together) and really got to know town.

After the hike we drove into Morristown, which is a great old town, and Karen Borchert, a local minister and wife of Mark Borchert, joined us for lunch. We told Mark later that she is truly the nicest person we have ever met.