Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Artois the Goat in Alabama

Another early morning flight put me in Montgomery and tired in the early afternoon. I knew i was staying at a b&b (which would make it my first) and was interested to get a nap in before the Capri's screening if Never Let Me Go. Of course, I drove straight past, and parked somewhere around back. As I was walking around to the front of the Lattice Inn, I heard someone call my name. Jim, owner of the Lattice Inn, was waiting to greet me in the porch. If this is b&b life, then sign me up. A wonderful little room, satellite tv, an apple tv, wireless Internet and all the hot chocolate I could drink (a lot). Resting after a week on tour was incredibly easy.

The next day, I got a tour of Montgomery from Martin, operator of the small art cinema house Artois would play that evening. Lot of interesting Civil War and Civil Rights factoid surrounding the city, most of which I had no pervious knowledge of. Later that night, I arrived to the Capri to see Artois the Goat on the marquee. That was a first for our little film, and a special moment for me. Of course, inside, the theater is incredibly charming. A long walk down to the stage. A curtain that is reveals the screen as the film begins. And of course, a beautifully projected image. Everything from the color, to the size, to the sound, to the marquee reminded me that we had actually gone out and did the thing we set out to do. We had made a movie, and now it was playing in a real theater with a real audience. It was a good feeling.

During the screening Martin and I stepped next door for dinner and ended up burring though our views on movies. Everything from Dogma manifesto, to Pixar, the Last Temptation of Christ, Superman Returns, the Road Warrior, and of course, Miss Congeniality. Very stimulating and great to hear war stories from the small indie exhibition side of the business. I didn't realize they're in the fight just as much as we as filmmakers are, and Im certainly glad they're there, helping to fight the good fight too.

Overall, Montgomery was fantastic, if only for the Lattice Inn and the Capri. Wish the weather wasn't so poor so I could have experienced a bit more, but certainly a favorite stop of mine so far. Off to Jackson. More to come soon, now on the home stretch. Stay tuned.