Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Richard Reininger - Artois heads home

I recently attended my final Southern Circuit tour screening in Alexandria, LA. I was. Greeted by Mrs Holcombe as a part of the first homestay on the tour. She and her husband David were incredibly hospitable. A wonderful little room in an absolutely stunning house. They are true supporters of the arts. Their home is like an art gallery. Wonderfully eccentric. After a fantastic dinner of pork tenderloin (it was perfect) we headed to the Kress theater. WesMar Farms, a local goat dairy had a table set up with samples of their cheeses. Wow! Fantastic. I had never had a goat cheese truffle before, but I can't imagine they get any better than theirs. If you nget a chance, take it. You won't regret it. They also had a delicious praline cheese on a Ginger snap. It was heavenly as well. They had come to watch the film as well, and were super enthused. Apparently we got just about everything right about operating a small goat dairy, which feels good to know we pleased those who the film depicts. The screening was packed, basically a full house. Most everyone stayed after for my final q&a. Lots of great questions. I'm certainly going to miss the song and dance.

Overall the tour was fantastic. I was pleased with every screening we had, and even surprised to see how well a handful of them turned out. It really was a great opportunity to spread the word about the film and see parts of the country I had never seen before. I just wished I had a bit more time to spend in each place, but duty called. I'd like to thank all of my gracious hosts. You were all the epitome of southern hospitality. For those of you who missed a screening of Artois when it came to your town, please check us out on iTunes, netflix, or indiepixfilms.com. DVDs are available at your favoriite online retailer should you desire to own a copy for yourself.

I had a blast, cant wait to take the next one in tour!

Thanks for reading,