Friday, October 15, 2010

Tina Mabry - Clemson, SC - Clemson University

It was a beautiful drive through the mountains from Johnson City, TN to Clemson, SC. I've been lucky to make good time on my drives, so I arrived several hours before the screening.

The host, Will Stockton, took me out of dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. He described it as a dive, but with excellent food. It didn't disappoint.

I've never been to Clemson, so I was looking forward to seeing the campus. After the technical check, I went for a walk around campus. It was nice to just get a chance to leisurely walk and gather my thoughts. I'm currently working on a new script, County Line, so it was great to be able to brainstorm over certain directions I intend to take with the script.

After my brainstorming session and a brief, yet successful bout with a spider (I'm scared of them), I went back to the screening. There were not a lot of questions at this screening, which the host attributed to South Carolinians' reluctance to pry into one's personal affairs (at least publicly anyway). Being that I made a movie about my life, I told them I was an open book so feel free to ask away. I got several compliments, but only a few questions which is new for me. Instead, I asked them questions. Most were English majors who were aiming to become professors. I told them about the influential professors and teachers I had in my life, so I really both appreciated and admired their dedication to their craft. One of the guys in the audience spoke with me briefly after the Q&A expressing his desire to become a filmmaker. He said the film was inspirational and he thanked me for making such a powerful movie.