Saturday, April 24, 2010

Internet Under the Trellis

Last night was lovely, falling asleep to the sound of the mating calls of a myriad of small night creatures and the whistle and clatter of freight trains every 20 minutes. The sound of a train is wonderfully soothing. I wish the subway could sound more like a train.

This morning was raining, so the sky is a wash of grey, blue and white that makes for crisp photography...less good for biking.
My photographs are sharper than my mind for now. I have been unable to locate a cup of hot tea. At Tom's Country Buffet, they had large glasses of iced tea, but as tea goes stale so quickly, they do not even stock tea for the annual or biannual customer request for that beverage. The buffet was a marvel from my favorite end - collards, brussels, lima beans, black-eyed peas, squash casserole, biscuits, cornbread, to the center - fried meats, to the end - desserts including jellos, fruit salad and peach cobbler. I recommend Tom's as a destination restaurant for its ambiance perfectly reflects life in the town of Fitzgerald.
The town is home to many wild chickens. In the 1960s the Georgian government decided the state needed a new game bird, so they introduced the Burmese chicken to excite local sport hunters. The flightless birds found the rest of the state inhospitable, but they flourished in the vicinity of Fitgerald. The many cocks are now the visual and aural pride of the town.
I am currently back at my post under the trellis, across from the Grand Theatre. If this were the west a tumbleweed would roll through about now.