Monday, March 15, 2010

Pre-Tour Thoughts

So I just landed myself in Bowling Green, Kentucky. First city of nine. First day of twelve.

Tonight it's God's Architects at Western Kentucky University.

Last Thursday, some good folks in Vicksburg, Mississippi, held a pre-Tour screening of the film at the magnificent Southern Cultural Heritage Center Auditorium. God's Architects played on the same stage where the Soggy Bottom Boys played their first live gig.
But the greatest thing about the show in Vicksburg was that Reverend H.D. Dennis (one of the builders in the film) was able to attend, only days after his 95th birthday. He sat in the front row and was completely glued to the screen for all 82 minutes. At the end, when the title appeared on the screen, he pointed and shouted: "God's Architects! That's me!" I'm just glad I was there to witness that. Here's a nice picture of the Reverend with me and Emilie (the film's co-producer).