Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VISUAL ACOUSTICS: Southern Circuit Tour-Days 6 - 8

Back to Nashville and once again, back to the Atlanta Airport. I am getting to know this airport extremely well. Since day six was a travel day, I ended up staying with a college friend (whom I haven't seen in about twenty years) in Atlanta. Great catching up with him.

The next day was on to Auburn, AL. Alabama is another state that I have never set foot in. There was a lot of rain so it was tough to get pictures but I did get one of the venue:

The screening took place at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art. My favorite question from that night's screening was "what does Modernism and Modern architecture have to do with me? It seems like all of these people are super wealthy?"

I particularly like this question because I feel the same way. Modernist architecture seemingly is something skewed towards the wealthy by today's standards. Actually, the Case Study House Program was directed towards "the average American." Julius was quite disillusioned with the program as its founder, John Entenza, lost site of the original intent behind the program. Great conversation.

Next stop was on to Augusta, GA. Due to time, I found myself dining at The Cracker Barrel as this became my default restaurant when under a time constraint. Nothing like sitting by the warm fire and dining on biscuits n' gravy.

The screening took place at the Imperial Theatre which first opened its doors in 1918.

Really an impressive theatre on Broad Street which is the main drag of historic Augusta. Augusta has an active nightlife and even on an extremely cold evening, the bars and restaurants seemed to be full. I hung out afterwards with some of the members of the audience.