Friday, February 26, 2010

Trimpin: the reunion

Leaving Mobile in the rear view mirror, I drive northeast to Auburn University.  Here Trimpin himself has been in residence, talking with students at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art.  I haven't seen Trimpin in months; we celebrate our reunion at the hotel bar, and dead soldiers soon pile up.

(Sunburst, by Gustina Atlas)

The following morning, I meet with Prof. Hollie Lavenstein over coffee at Gnu's Room. Hollie is smart and quick - and seems to be Auburn's only resident filmmaker.  Kindred spirits, we hit it off, and this Yankee ends up talking with the prof's Intro to Film students.

(3 Crosses, by Mozell Benson)

Museum curator Scott Bishop has done an excellent job of promoting the screening of Trimpin: the sound of invention; the theatre is nearly full.  While the film plays, I amble through the galleries.  The textile art (by Gwendolyn Magee, Shawne Major, Gustina Atlas, and Mozell Benson) is especially stunning. 

(Blood and Gumbo, by Shawne Major.)

After the film, Trimpin and I do our customary Q+A (meaning that I hold the mic while Trimpin answers the questions).  It's a pleasure to see so many enthusiastic people at the screening.  

I can't get the images from the quilts out of my mind.

(God of our Silent Tears
by Gwendolyn Magee)

[[Please note that these images are not from the museum show, 
but were taken from various locations on the web.]]