Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The next morning, after plying me with some excellent coffee, my hosts take me downtown to the Children's 
Mardi Gras Parade. More than 70 (count 'em!) floats roll on through downtown Alexandria:

The parade starts off in style.

The local Shriners work on their Sun Ra impersonations.

Proud young flyboy . . . 

Nearby, a mural depicts some of Alexandria's greatest, 
including poet Arna Bontemps and civil rights lawyer Louis Berry.

That evening - despite the krewes making last-minute preparations for the big Mardi Gras parade - more than four dozen folks show up to see Trimpin onscreen.  Minor tech problems during the screening are undoubtedly caused by the projection booth's evil mascot, the Dumpster Baby:

Alexz and Elizabeth make sure everything goes smoothly; the post-screening questions reveal genuine interest.  I'm flattered when a tall man in a cowboy hat tells me how much he empathizes with Trimpin's continual learning and tinkering.

The next morning, after some excellent coffee (I'm getting spoiled) I throw my gear in the Grand Marquis and head south into bayou country.