Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is sadly my last post for Pants On Fire, as I am now back in LA. I have heard from my cohorts, Nicolette and Mercedes, that their Southern Circuit Tour experiences were also all immensely positive. On Wednesday I drove from Auburn, Alabama to Augusta, Georgia and got there with 2 hours to spare, so I walked along the beautiful river walk and dined at the quaint Boll Weevil. Then I watched the film with a sparse but enthusiastic crowd at the beautiful downtown Imperial Theater. Again, the whole audience stayed for a lengthy Q&A. There were some film students in the audience particularly interested in some of the nuts and bolts on indie filmmaking. Then I took in a late night swim at the hotel and went to bed. Thursday I crossed back into South Carolina and flew back to LA. All in all the tour was a great shot in the arm. The crowds were so engaged and enthused - it was all very gratifying. I hope to get the chance to tour again. I had never been to South Carolina, Georgia, or Alabama and I appreciated the opportunity! I want to thank all my host theaters and Allen Bell for putting together a terrific experience. All the best.