Monday, August 24, 2009

Southern Circuit Films and Filmmakers: Tour 1

Southern Arts Federation is proud to announce the films and filmmakers who will be featured on Tour 1 of the 2009-2010 Southern Tour of Independent Filmmakers. With venues located throughout the South, the tour will include:

September 15-26, 2009
Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records
with Director Jeff Alulis

October 19-31, 2009
The Way We Get By
with Director Aron Gaudet and Producer Gita Pullapilly

November 10-21, 2009
Flying on One Engine
with Producer/Director Joshua Z. Weinstein

February 9-22, 2010
Trimpin: The Sound of Invention
with Producer/Director Peter Esmonde

March 16-27, 2010
God's Architects
with Producer/Director Zack Godshall

April 5-17, 2010
Between Floors
with Producer/Director Jen White

Visit the Southern Circuit web site for more information about the Tour of Independent Filmmakers, including screening dates and locations.