Thursday, April 16, 2009

The capitol of Louisiana is...

Do you remember the episode of the Brady Bunch when Cindy appeared on a televised quiz show? It was this question "Name the capitol of Louisiana?" that did her in. I never had that problem. Capitol of Missouri or North Dakota - yikes, but not Louisiana. Baton Rouge was the capitol that's very essence helped me recognize at least two words on French tests.

The film played last night at the Manship Theatre. The Manship is part of a 6 story cultural center that rises above the Mississippi in downtown Baton Rouge. It is my understanding that the building is part of an effort to revitalize downtown. It appears to be working. The theater is spectacular. From the outside its white round edifice looks like the Guggenheim. Inside, it's a beautiful theater with double balconies and an intimate feel. This is Spring break week in Louisiana and it limited attendance, but those who were there were engaged and delightful. In the post screening aftermath I was given a strawberry beer and spoke with a security guard who had seen the movie and was planning a trip to Bishopville to meet Pearl and see his garden. Today, I travel further west into Cajun Country for the next screening.