Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baton Rouge, LA: Star treatment

"Why did you go to Taiwan and not China?..."

Day 2: November 10th
BATON ROUGE, LA: Manship Theater

Over dinner with brightly-clad Terry Serio, or Terrio, as I came to think of her (when I wasn’t calling her Kathy by accident), we learned that the Manship Theater in Baton Rouge hosts many scintillating music performances by musicians and local celebrities. While many of them come from New Orleans, a 1.5 hour drive away, there are just as many who hail from Baton Rouge. The city, with just under a million people, is thriving with culture, and we couldn’t wait to get over to the theater to meet some of its residents.

When we arrived to the theater, we were ushered into the “Star’s Dressing Room” (left), where we deposited our things before rushing off to check the sound and picture. There were 95 people at the screening, a great turn-out! At the question and answer session, a man in the audience asked, “Why did you go to Taiwan and not China? Was it because of the oolongs?” Scott, delighted, answered, “You’re absolutely right about that. It was because of my love for oolongs!” It seemed we had quite a dedicated tea following in Baton Rouge.

Following the film screening, there was a lovely reception with teas provided by the folks from Whole Foods (below right with Terry on the left) were incredibly nice, and it was a bustling reception with lots of great conversation. The last stragglers drifted out, and by a little after 10 p.m., we were back in our car, en route to New Orleans.