Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Louisiana and Kentucky

Day4 - My screening in Lake Charles was great but my time there was brief. I had dinner at a local cafe, screened, did a Q and A and headed off to New Orleans. The drive there was fascinating due to all the bridges and the swampy land around it. It was all right out of a horror movie. Very cool. Unfortunately, it was all off of bridges so there was no place to pull over for a photo.

Day 5 - My day off was spent in New Orleans. My generous hosts there requested I drive from Lake Charles so that I could wake up in New Orleans for "cafe-aw-lay" and "been-yays". I am so glad I did. I spent the whole day eating and soaking up the culture there. I had a tour that included part of the French Quarter and a very old cemetery. I learned (and ate) more than I thought was possible in one day.

Day 6 - I slept through the flight to Lexington. I was so surprised to discover how big and bustling Lexington was. I walked through downtown to the public library screening facility. The crowd in Lexington was so great. They had challenging questions and encouraging comments. Nathan and some of the young local filmmakers took me out for drinks, food, and live music after the screening. They also screened a locally made short film. I was so thrilled to see such support for an emerging local filmmaker. It was great to be a part of that. I got my start as a filmmaker that way, and I was impressed by the arts community in Lexington. I had a great time out on the town with those guys. Thanks Nathan!!

Day 7 - I drove to Ashland Kentucky the next day loving every second of the trip. Rolling hills filled with fall colors. I requested October for my tour so that I could experience a bit of fall. We don't get much of it in LA. Thanks Kentucky for giving me a few days of autumn. The Paramount Arts Center is an astonishingly gorgeous theatre. I have never seen the likes of it. Ornate and enormous. It was a fun screening and I was so touched by all the people I spoke to afterwards. There is nothing more satisfying that someone who has been personally effected by the film, coming up and thanking me. Everyone has had their lives effected by cancer. I am so glad that"Counting Backwards" can make them feel a little better about it. Thanks to everyone who shared their personal stories with me.

I drove back to Lexington to stay the night. I liked my hotel there, wanted to return to the gym, and liked being a few hors closer to Paducah.

Day 8 - Paducah is RAD! A much bigger city than I imagined and full of art and charm. Harvey and Sue took such great care of me. Took me to dinner and breakfast (Thanks again!) and put me up one block from their house so we could hang out with ease. I loved getting to know them both and it seems like my stay in Paducah is a warm blur of celebration. The Q and A was long and insightful. I learned a lot about my film that I didn't know. Great time in Paducah. I can't say enough.

Only a few more stops and my tour is over. I am sad to return back to my "real life" but I do look forward to making myself dinner. Also, with all this hotel room cable, I have developed a severe CNN addiction. Its gonna be tough to break. Georgia and South Carolina soon to come.