Friday, May 02, 2008

Roll up the sidewalks...

And so this year's season of Southern Circuit goes the way of all flesh.

Big thanks to the fine folks at the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge and at the Duncan Theatre in Lake Worth--both shows were fun and had great discussions afterwards. Especially big thanks to the fellow comic book geeks in Baton Rouge for their sharp eyes, and the commenter in Lake Worth who pegged the Hot Dog Man's uncanny resemblance to Dick Cheney. It's only my hazy, travel-weary brain that prevents me from being more specific and verbose.

In addition to the shows and meeting great folks along the way, I have really appreciated the "think time" that long hours of travel through new landscapes affords. Southern Circuit has given me a lot, and I can't give enough thanks to all the folks at the Southern Arts Federation, the venues and screeners, and especially the audiences.

As the caboose on this train, let me be presumptuous and say on behalf of the previous eleven filmmakers that all of the missed flights, bruised egos, bad highway food, dashed hopes, groin ticks, technical gaffes, and the other assorted tragedies and inconveniences from our journeys we shared with you here pale in comparison with the simple act of being able to sit in the same room with people and share our work. Thanks so much for watching, and for reading. Next year's gonna be even better.