Thursday, April 17, 2008

home stretch

it's been a far-flung last couple days. charlotte and the
light factory a wonderful discovery. a place for contemporary
photography and film in facilities that were hosting charlie
rose the same night. i like the thought that my swing through
the south is parallel to martha stewart and charlie rose!
thanks to wendy for her hospitality and vision. again, a wonderful discussion
which touched on the visionary experience of the
mystical encounter. hoping to stay in contact with a
woman who teaches opera and hopes to explore this in
a film. last night's screening in louisville was also quite
wonderful with tamara lee fulkerson from the bluegrass
international film festival leading an engaged q&a. thanks
to tom for setting that up. the projection was beautiful! and
tamara's thorough engagement with my film's formal experiment-
setting out to chart the psychic space of weil's thought rather
than the events of her biography helped immensely to ground
the conversation. thanks to stephen and brannan for their
amusing company...the kentucky cinematography club! fantastic
how in so many pockets of this country people are devoted to
film as an art form. does my heart good. hoping the salt water
of the florida ocean does too! abientot. cathy