Monday, March 17, 2008

Guerrilla Radio: Hollywood, FL

Welcome to Hollywood, baby! We've arrived at the last stop, kind of like Kid Rock rolling into Minneapolis at tour's end, only without the entourage, empty 40s, groupies gone wild, media attention and swollen budget.
Simon and I would like to offer major props to Team Southern Circuit, and encourage any regional filmmakers to apply for the next tour.
"We're going to send you on a whirlwind tour with your film -- all expenses paid, plus a generous honorarium. We'll make the travel arrangements, and your local hosts will book your hotels and take you out for great meals and make you feel like Young Francis Ford Coppola. Every night, dozens of folks young and old will show up to watch your film and ask you Thoughtful Questions. You might offend the occasional viewer, but, hey -- that's art." Thanks for an unforgettable experience. -- Thomas