Sunday, March 09, 2008

Guerrilla Radio: Asheville, N.C.

Our screening in Asheville went quite well. It started off with our liaison treating us to Salsa's, one of the many culinary gems of the town -- a Latin fusion spot whose creativity would leave any five star ATL restaurant in the dust.

The film screened at the beautifully restored Fine Arts Theatre in downtown Asheville, which used to be home to another genre of films with titles like "Forest Hump" and "The Wizard of Ahhhh's!" For a rainy Wednesday night, a good-sized group of 50 or so eager film buffs showed up for a behind-the-scenes look at Cuba. Thomas and I sat with the audience, as we usually do, to hear the grasps and surprised reactions during many of the highlights of the film -- the struggles of the musicians, dog fights near the capitol, and the long lines of Cubans waiting to get water from an old rusty fire hydrant in the middle of the night. -- Simon