Saturday, March 15, 2008

Days 2 & 3

It's been a whirlwind of activity in the last few days on the Southern Film Circuit. We're currently in the Common Ground coffee shop, taking a moment to write from Beaufort, SC, one of the most beautiful and romantic Southern cities we've visited so far! The entire historic district is laced with colorful three story homes surrounded by Spanish Moss in a picturesque quality that would make any DIY movie look like a million bucks. Our screening last night was PACKED - the largest audience so far (and everyone stayed for the Q&A). Every venue has been well attended by inquisitive and understanding people who patiently sit through Kamp Katrina and then asked direct, honest questions afterwards. This morning Ashley and I had a delicious breakfast (blueberry pancakes with coffee) and then took a 3 hour stroll alongside the sandy beach with our camera in hand, capturing brown pelicans diving into the ocean to catch fish. We also found a few people to interview and they eagerly shared stories about shark teeth and David Lynch; we hope to include this footage in our upcoming film.

If you ever have a chance to visit Columbia, SC, be CERTAIN to find the Nickelodeon Theatre and visit LARRY HEMBREE. How shall I describe Larry? Perhaps I shouldn't. He's the most outgoing, blunt, energetic, friendly and exuberant person I've met in the last 10 years. After almost attacking Ashley and I with friendliness, he then asked us a million questions, made us feel at home, gave us a walking tour of Columbia, brought us to a bar (and paid for EVERYTHING after greeting almost everyone who entered) and then invited us into his home and let us sleep in his extra bedroom. He woke us up early in the morning, prepared coffee and directions, and then set up another screening before we left. Yes, Larry is the kind of person who defines a town's mood and in a way that makes someone never forget their experiences. Plus, his theater is one of the most intimate spaces we've visited (similar to the Rag Tag Theater in Columbia, MO). However, the Nickelodeon is about to shut down and reopen a few blocks down in a newly renovated 1940s building with two screens and a $5 million dollar renovation! I'd like to keep writing about our experiences in Columbia and Larry's gregariousness, but the coffee shop is closing in just a few minutes and we need to leave before they turn off the internet. More to come soon!