Sunday, September 16, 2007

orangeburg (in progress)

I'm sitting down the hall from the Planetarium at South Carolina State, which is where they're presently projecting my films. It's a pretty interesting place to have the stuff shown--everyone's reclined at a 45 degree angle staring up at the ceiling--and I almost wish I was in there with them. (The fact that I'm showing my films about 40 times in two months though is a pretty compelling reason to keep me out of there.) My hosts here have been really accommodating so far & someone (or several people) have conspired to fill the room to capacity. I was so disoriented by the giant planetarium projector in the middle of the room that I didn't get a read for the crowd, so I'm curious to see how the Q&A goes. I'll fill you in when I next get a chance to post, but I don't know when that'll be, because I've got a plane to catch in the a.m. & will be racing back to Columbia tonight to spend a little more time with friends there. (I seem to be using the verb "racing" a lot lately.)

I'm not entirely sure that I've figured out my accommodations for the remaining stops on my tour, so I may start adding an "adopt a filmmaker" spiel to my intro if I can't find a last-minute hotel room. (All the venues actually sent me info ahead of time, but I've just been so busy that I haven't confirmed the reservations yet. Hope that's not a problem...)

Time for me to sign some posters. (Really.)