Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Florida filmmaker Roger Beebe tours Southern Circuit from Sept. 12 - 20

Florida filmmaker Roger Beebe has been making experimental shorts for well over a decade, using a wide variety of media and styles. In his collection The Short Films of Roger Beebe: Documents / Experiments / Wisecracks (on tour with Southern Circuit from Sept. 12 - 20), he draws from the middle portion of his career, the years 2001-2005, in order to give us an exploration of the American landscape, both in a physical and psychological fashion. Through films that range from the wildly aggressive, nearly frantic pace of The Strip Mall Triology to the more slow and contemplative SAVE, Beebe highlights many of the amusing contradictions, interesting juxtapositions, and strange quirks of the contemporary world.

Listen to an audio interview with Roger Beebe about the use of humor in film, the challenges of working with short films, and the inspiration for his experimental work.