Thursday, April 19, 2007

Interkosmos at Clemson

It's hard not to watch this Virginia Tech killer's video diary between the killing. A multimedia murderer making film references and going on and on about his supposed persecution. Watched a gun control "debate" on CNN this morning. The right have talking points. If you only can arm the students, guns in England, blah blah. They are quick and fast with their argument. They move onto the scene with their foul opinions.

Back to the tour. Clemson was good last night. A big crowd. Lots of laughs during the trolley song part which i was happy about. A lot of the students have these tan flip-flops called rainbows or something. I kind of need a pair but i don't think i'm going to get one here. Amy picked me up and took me to a strange sushi restaurant that has vast open spaces to accommodate potential hoard of college kids. I was afraid to go with the fishy stuff since we're in the middle of South Carolina so I went with veggie sushi. After the screening and long and thorough q and a we went out to Nick's with the indie-rock kids who bought two of my albums (amy and jonathan) bought another). Katie, an English master's student, told us about her boyfriend's town in Alabama and his dad's church which had a guy in a wheelchair who had fallen off a roof and blamed that a number of other mishaps on the devil, which people were pretty excited about apparently. Then she said that he would press a button and nod off which apparently was a morphine drip. He said he had a vision of heaven and said "if it was a drug, i'd be taking it all the time." It was and he is.

Driving to Columbia today.