Monday, October 30, 2006

Days 1 & 2


I do not have a laptop so blog posts on my tour may be sporadic and will definitely not be coherent on account of exhaustion. Just so you know.

In any case, I arrived in Montgomery, AL yesterday and had a screening of MANHATTAN, KANSAS at the Capri theater last night. The Capri was pretty neat and old and Martin does a pretty golden job of running it. I had ten very kind viewers come to the show. Two of them bought copies of the film. I asked everyone to stand in front of the stage with me for a picture, which they did. It was a pretty good day. I had pizza for dinner, saw Hank Williams grave and then went to my hotel to pass out. Martin gave me a screener of OLD JOY, which I cannot friggin' wait to watch.

9 am the next morning I got into my Pontiac G6 and headed for Jackson, MS, which is where I am right now, at Millsaps College. A very kind Michelle and Holly are taking good care of me. Michelle took me to dinner (Holly had to teach). I had fried pickles, seafood gumbo and crawfish etoufee(sp?). I washed it down with a Bass served in a cold milkshake glass. Neat. I feel very full and sleepy.

Not five minutes ago I introduced the film to a hearty crowd at the Millsaps auditorium; I forgot to thank Millsaps and Southern Circuit and Holly and Michelle. I was nervous. I will remember to thank them during the Q & A; I will also remember to tell the audience DVDs of MHK are on sale on my website: and that my mom's art -- as featured in the film -- is on sale at

It's strange and wonderful to think that the reason I am in Jackson, MS is because of my movie. I thought a lot about that on the five hour drive from Montgomery. It was just two years ago I was driving across Kansas asking myself why the hell I was driving across Kansas to make a movie about my mom. Well, I can say tonight that I've never been more glad that I did.

I saw these things on my drive today:

a dead chicken (why oh WHY did he cross that road?????)
a dead dog (Beagle)
two dead fawns
several men walking on the shoulder (not together, at different times)
a sign announcing the best fried chicken in Selma, AL can be found at KFC
about a million run down grocery stores
a sign for a catfish farm
a patch of forest that looked to be destroyed by a tornado
a dead cat
a sign that said Trent Lott for Mississippi (which I first read as Trent Lott for President; when I thought it said Trent Lott for President I wondered aloud, "when the hell did that happen?").

Well, that's about it for now. I'm gonna go see if people are laughing and crying at my movie. I hope that they are.

All best,