Monday, September 25, 2006

Ted Leo saves the day

First off, let me say that this blogging thing is kooky. All the URL links I couldn't make active are now (thankfully) active. That's great. BUT 1/2 the text from my blog about Jackson is now missing. Weird.

Saturday I was feeling pretty tired I must admit. I'd been showing "Learning to Swallow" for 6 days in a row and had spoken to 100's of people. Sick of the sound of my own voice, I'd hit the wall emotionally. As I drove north to Orangeburg SC from Beaufort, I needed inspiration. Luckily I had a Ted Leo CD to pep things up. Soon I was bopping in my seat as I sped past manicured lawns and ramshackle barns. Ted generously provided a song for the end credits of my film, so he has saved the day more than once.

Sunday night's screening was at South Carolina State University at Orangeburg. A local branch of the national women's service organization The Links, Inc. hosted a lovely reception. Imagine 20 impeccibly dressed women with corsages, and then me in a jean jacket. I hope they didn't think I was a ruffian!

I got the royal treatment in Orangeburg. Museum Director Ellen Zisholtz hosted a fantastic dinner on Saturday at her home. Faculty, neighbors and one super smart student gabbed with me well into the night. There was lots of laughing, and discussion about everything from Mohawk ironworkers to illegal drag racing.

Tonight is Asheville NC, the last stop on the tour. I hope I am able to do one final blog. Let's hope I have internet access there. If not, its been fun. Wish I had an idea of just who -- if anyone -- is reading this.

Danielle Beverly