Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sweet Briar

Sweet Briar College is just that -- extremely sweet in every way. It is a women's liberal arts college in VA, that even has an equestrian studies component. It has one of the most lovely campuses I have ever seen. And one of the tiniest too! As I walked up the hill to the library before my screening, a mama deer and two fawns romped just 30 feet from me.

Prior to the screening, professor Eleanor Salotto arranged a dinner with 10 very earnest and intelligent students. It was easy to break the ice because one young lady was dressed as Johnny Depp from "Pirates of the Carribean" - a very strange sight to be certain! I said "I hope you don't think I directed that movie, since I only make documentaries". Turns out it was homecoming week at the school and Tuesday was "Dress as a Celebrity Day". The young ladies had very thoughtful and probing questions. It was an incredible joy to connect with them and hopefully inspire some future documentary makers.

My favorite moment by far was when Louis Sandridge, the 60ish man who drove me from the airport came to my screening! He and I had really hit it off so I invited him to attend. It was a cool (and I bet rare) thing to have a man sit in the lecture hall with 35 twentysomething-aged young ladies. Several students from nearby Randolph-Macon Women's College also made a trek out for the film.

Sweet Briar's motto is "Think is for Girls". I nabbed one of their posters for my 11 year old niece.