Monday, September 18, 2006

Montgomery, AL

Greetings all!

Well, here I am in Montgomery AL where I nearly missed my own 1st Southern Circuit screening last night due to a 2 hour delay at the Atlanta airport. Yipes!

But Montgomery audiences are kind, and they waited patiently until I arrived 10 minutes late(thank you, thank you - I hope it was worth it). The Capri Theatre, run by passionate and stalwart friend to film Martin McCaffery, has amazing projection and sound -- a godsend for a travelling filmmaker. The Capri is a rarity. It's an old historic theatre, that shows art house and independent films in a town where there is not much of a market for either. Please support their work, if you are ever in town. There's a groovy pizza place/coffee shop across the street to grab a bite before or after, and everyone is friendly.

The audience was wonderful. Great questions, huge smiles during the Q&A, and several folks who came out because of the bipolar disorder subject matter. This is why I am so grateful to be on this Southern Circuit tour - to get the film out to small towns, to people who would not get the chance to see it otherwise. Several people thanked me (and warmly hugged me) for helping to lessen the stigma of mental illness by sharing this portrait of Patsy, who is a fierce, independent and intelligent young woman struggling with bipolar. And others, who were there to see an independent documentary, added to the discussion with intriquing questions about the filmmaking process. This is what it makes it all worthwhile, people!

The evening ended on a true Southern note -- Capri Theatre owner Martin took me to Hank William's grave, where we drank a beer, looked at the stars, and talked about film. Ahhhh......

More to come,
Danielle Beverly